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Hot off the press!

Abundant evidence of the importance of geology to sustainable global development can be found in the literature, and one good example is a 2016 Special Paper from the Geological Society of America.  In this volume, papers from all over the world describe the importance of geology and geological engineering to human development. Read more >

mine waste

Mine Waste Remediation

GPI believes that there are unique opportunities to undo some of the worst impacts by cleaning up mine and smelter wastes at the same time as valuable minerals are recovered from the wastes, providing not only a better environment, but also a basis for generating new sustainable businesses. Read more >

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A New Restorative Approach

It is our opinion that the mineral industry (aside from fossil fuel production) can, if required, transform itself into an industry that is far more sustainable than it is at present. Read more >

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Geologists and engineers are needed to solve earth science-related problems that affect indigenous peoples and the environment.